Roy Woodford’s Grebe w/Fish Photo Sequence

Roy Woodford writes:

"What a great day … and great weekend.

"Our new friend seems to be getting used to having cameras pointed at him.  He's been surrounded several times and he doesn't seem to mind our presence very much.

"Ron [Shields] and I got some good shots this morning of the Red-necked Grebe fishing.

"He battled with a 6-inch bluegill for a few minutes … losing the fish several times in the process … but, in the end, he did get his meal."

Two more pictures follow.  (Fish lovers, avert your eyes.)



15 thoughts on “Roy Woodford’s Grebe w/Fish Photo Sequence

  1. Ron Shields

    Great shots Roy!!! BTW, the bird is still in the park as of noon on 3/26/13. A FOY (for me) Great Egret is present as well!

  2. Mami

    Wonderful movement here eelnclext transformation of the windy marshland into a still pictures. The way you achieved the color effect is interesting and the result is well matching this subject. I guess I have to try this myself, too.

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