Wanted: Tuesday Teasers

Does anyone what this bird is, and why it is significant?

By the way, we are out of Tuesday Teasers and may start running some classic Teasers from Tuesdays past unless we get some material.

The first Teaser ever was posted on Labor Day 2008.



3 thoughts on “Wanted: Tuesday Teasers

  1. Ian Garrison

    Lincoln’s Sparrow? Not sure why it’s significant–maybe because it’s rare, or because it’s still early in migration season?

  2. Patrick Carney

    Two guesses: Vesper Sparrow, or Grasshopper Sparrow. If Grasshopper Sparrow, it’s important because the Florida subspecies is probably going to go extinct. If Vesper Sparrow, not sure why it’s important.

  3. Michael Turso

    I’d say Lincoln’s Sparrow…pretty rare bird plus it would be a very early sighting therefore warblers and other migratory passerines shouldn’t be far too behind.


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