DeKorte Park Is Open on Weekends Again!

IMG_0014The NJMC is pleased to announce that starting this weekend, DeKorte Park will again be open from 8 a.m. to dusk daily. The  Environment Center (and its gift shop and restrooms) reopens Saturday as well. The Transco Trail  reopens from the  administration building to the western spur of the N.J. Turnpike.

Note:  Park visitors must NOT go beyond any orange fencing. Also, you must stay on the trail. The green mesh covering the berm next to the trail is protecting young plants, and it is dangerous to walk on. Questions? See a park attendant. The NJMC appreciates your patience while hurricane-related repairs are being made to the park and its trail system.

3 thoughts on “DeKorte Park Is Open on Weekends Again!

  1. Jim Wright

    The boardwalk around the impoundment received hundreds of thousand of dollars’ worth of damage. Can’t estimate at this point when it will completely reopen.
    The new section along the Transco Trail survived Hurricane Sandy and has reopened.
    Thanks for your interest!


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