5 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser Times Ten! (minus one)

  1. frank furter

    I’m going to go with swamp, fox, tree, savannah, white-crowned adult, white-throated, lincoln’s, swamp, white-crowned juvenile.

  2. Ian Garrison

    Song?, fox, tree, savannah, WCrown, Wthroat, lincoln’s, swamp, Chipping? (wild guess)
    My best guesses.

  3. Michael Turso

    Swamp, fox, American tree, savannah, white-crown, white-throated, Lincoln’s, swamp, and I think another white-crown, maybe an immature?

  4. Pam

    1) Swamp 2) Fox 3) House 4) Savannah 5) White Crown 6) White Throat 7) Song 8) Swamp 9 ) White Crown Great fun; hope I got it! 🙂


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