Snowy Egret @ Mill Creek Marsh

Mill Creek Marsh just might be the best place to photograph Snowy Egrets, with those wonderful yellow feet atop those old Atlantic White Cedar stumps. Took this on Tuesday's walk.

4 thoughts on “Snowy Egret @ Mill Creek Marsh

  1. Patrick

    Gorgeous exposure! Was thinking of heading to the Meadowlands this afternoon, any recommendations? New Birder here.

  2. Jim Wright

    Mill Creek Marsh is a great place to photograph birds fairly close … DeKorte can be terrific, too.
    Blog has recent sightings — good luck weather-wise…

  3. Mike G.

    Two years ago I got to Mill Creek very early in the morning, and their was a photographer — wearing a good over his head and camera ?? — standing on the NE bridge, surrounded by 75-100 Snowy Egrets all in full display mode. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I walked back the way i came so as not to disturb the scene — it seemed apparent the the photographer had been setting up for these shots for hours — but I never forgot the scene. One of the most amazing meadowlands experiences I ever had.


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