Helping Folks Get to DeKorte More Easily

We realize that DeKorte Park is in the middle of nowhere (and yet in the middle of everywhere) and sometimes hard to find.

We also realize that folks who drive down Route 17 to get here have go through a gauntlet of traffic lights.IMG_6775

So here’s some good news. We have new signs pointing to the key intersection of Polito Avenue and Valley Brook Avenues (the previous signs disappeared).

And thanks to the NJMC’s awesome MASSTR program, all of the traffic signals in the Meadowlands region — including the traffic signals on Route 17 from Williams Avenue on south — now use image-based vehicle-detection linked to advanced software that adjusts and coordinates the timing of the lights based on the volume of traffic. This saves everyone time, conserves gasoline and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

You can read more about MASSTR here.

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