Tuesday Teaser-palooza 100113 — Read Carefully!!

This is the first of nine Tuesday Teasers generated by the NMC’s Mike Newhouse and his crew at their bird-banding station — and the start of an exciting new contest.

The rare double-species warbler above was banded last week by the NMC’s Mike Newhouse and his awesome crew. What are the two species?  (It is a tiny bit of a trick question.)

To give you an added incentive, we are offering a prize to the person who correctly identifies the most birds over the nine weeks. (In the case of a tie, the winner’s name will be drawn from a cap.)

The prize? Rick Wright of WINGS Birding Tours is graciously donating a copy of “The Warbler Guide” by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle.

Some of the nine total birds will be easy, some tough. Please e-mail your bird-ID to Jim Wright each Tuesday by midnight (just click” e-mail us” in the left-hand column). The “comments” section of each of the nine Tuesday Teasers will be closed (formatting willing) so that no one can post their answer.

To ensure a level playing field, the contest is closed to NJMC employees and banding volunteers.

Let the IDing begin.