Don Torino’s Latest: In Search of Spring

Don Torino, Bergen County Audubon Society president and friend of this blog, has a new column on — titled ‘In Search of Spring.”

Here’s a sample:

In ancient mythology and literature, a quest is a search for a special reward.

As I looked out my window and saw that there was still snow lingering in my yard and thought about all the trials and tribulations we all have been through this winter, what better quest to undertake than one that is in search of the most beautiful reward of all, Spring?

Although the official start of Spring is just days away, I worried that this year the search for Spring might be just a fruitless journey, like looking for Atlantis or maybe even like searching for a Sasquatch or Yeti. But no, way back I seem to remember a time called Spring and somewhere out there it still might be found.

The link is here.

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