Monk Parakeets Nesting in Secaucus?

1-P1090920(1)Rich Romano writes:

Here’s a shot of one of two wild parrots that nest in Secaucus near Schmidt’s Woods, photographed Monday.

(Thanks, Rich! They look to be Monk Parakeets, aka Quaker Parrots. )

2 thoughts on “Monk Parakeets Nesting in Secaucus?

    1. Mark Huther

      There is a ton of them…they are in the large trees behind my house at the very end of millridge by the baseball fields across from the state school for impaired children. They scream all day long and chase all the nice birds away. All the red winged blackbirds are gone and I used to love hearing their sounds. Also all the sparrows are gone and I see a lot less robins and no blue jays or grackles. The only bird that doesn’t seem to fear them is a mocking bird…of course the mocking bird by my house doesn’t have any fear of humans either as he chases me to my back door a couple of times each spring / summer :).

      I read that these birds aren’t usually aggressive to native birds but they were form stories of these birds in Brooklyn. Maybe it’s different in a more rural area…or maybe it’s just because they are still nesting. I’m getting a moments peace right now, as I was typing they stopped screaming for a change!


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