Peregrines, Ospreys @ Laurel Hill

1-_MVB9959-jwMike Girone writes:

I checked out a few spots along the Hackensack River in Secaucus this past Saturday afternoon. I saw 1 adult Peregrine at the Route 3 site (not at the box, but on a nearby bridge support).

The other could’ve easily been hidden from view if it was inside the box.

Afterward I went to Laurel Hill Park to check out the decommissioned railroad swing bridge at the south end of the park, and I can report that Peregrines are hanging out near the old Osprey nest on the bridge for their nest.

(See photo by Marco Van Brabant above).1-_MVB9959-jw-001

I never got a good look at the female’s legs to check for bands, but the male is definitely unbanded.

(Note: Marco’s shot at right clearly shows the female banded.)

Could someone with a long lens photograph the band numbers?



Mike Girone continues:

I saw a single Osprey on their new/rebuilt nest on the opposite shore of the river on a small tower. The Osprey aggressively defended its nest, twice dive-bombing a pair of Canada Geese that flew too close to the nest; the Osprey had a fish in its talons both times.

The Peregrines and Osprey nest are so close to each other that it should be interesting to watch unfold!


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