Yellow-headed Blackbird in Secaucus


A follower of this blog reports seeing a Yellow-headed Blackbird in his backyard peach tree (above) in Secaucus yesterday, so keep an eye out.

The last report we had of it was roughly 10 days ago, also in Secaucus, from Mickey Raine, who wrote:

“We briefly managed to see the YHBB at our favorite marsh (Mill Creek Marsh). Although at some distance from us, we were able to get some shots that show the brilliant yellow of its head and upper breast. Closer would have been nice, of course, but to see this rare one for our area was definitely a treat.

“Unlike the one (maybe eve the same bird) at DeKorte Park that was amongst the many Brown-headed Cowbirds, following their every movement, this one was doing a solo act–no company.
“It was only around for a short while before disappearing, seemingly heading northbound.”

Mickey says he then saw it again at MCM the following day. (Thanks, Mickey!)

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