Last Tuesday’s Mega-teaser Answered

NJMC Banding Project Birds3

Top Row: Acadian Flycatcher, Pine Siskin, Northern Harrier, Golden-Crowned Kinglet.

2nd Row: Black-Throated Blue Warbler, Blue Grosbeak, Banded leg of a warbler (possibly Connecticut), Northern Flicker, Purple Finch.

3rd Row: Swainson’s Thrush, Baltimore Oriole, Dark-Eyed Junco, Northern Parula, Flycatcher Species, likely a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.

4th Row: Black-Billed Cuckoo, House Finch, Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, Blue-Headed Vireo, Cape May Warbler.

5th Row: Indigo Bunting, Common Yellowthroat, American Kestrel, Blackpoll Warbler, Pine Warbler.

Last Row: Blue-Headed Vireo, Grasshopper Sparrow, American Kestrel, Red-Breasted Nuthatch, Field Sparrow.

Congrats to Patrick Carney, who got almost all of the IDs correct.

One thought on “Last Tuesday’s Mega-teaser Answered

  1. Patrick Carney

    Oh wow, I only missed two (including the unknown 2nd row). Hitting myself in the head over the Blue Grosbeak though, which I said was an Indigo Bunting. 😛


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