Now’s the Time to Help 2015 Monarchs

IMG_4504Don Torino of the BCAS writes a weekly column for

His latest is on how we all can help Monarch butterflies, which have been in decline in recent years.

Here’s a sample:

This winter would be a great time to plan our strategy for getting more milkweed into our local environment.

We can start by attending County and local community meetings asking that our parks dept., schools, libraries, town halls, local businesses and where ever there is extra soil that milkweed be planted.

Many communities do spring plantings to spruce up government building with annual flowers. For not much more money they can have beautiful flowers that will help the Monarch butterflies survive.

And since milkweeds are perennials,  they will come back free of charge every year — a point that ahould make any politician’s ears perk up.

The link is here.

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