Coyote Sighting Near DeKorte

Mike Goodnough writes:

Just thought I’d mention a cool sighting I had on Sunday afternoon. I had just pulled out of the parking lot at DeKorte and right up on the very exposed grassy ridge line to the left (just past the train tracks) was a very healthy-looking coyote.

He was just checking things out and I quickly pulled over to grab a shot of him but a car came zipping up, saw him too and came to a quick stop right parallel to where he was thus scaring him off.

I was totally bummed to not get a pic but thought it was worth sharing since I know coyote sightings are somewhat uncommon – though perhaps not rare…

Looked like he was well-fed. Certainly a lot healthier looking than the spindly one I saw in Montclair a few years back near Watchung Reservation.

Thanks, Mike!


Hopefully if I see him again I’ll get a shot sometime.

2 thoughts on “Coyote Sighting Near DeKorte

  1. Mary

    This past Sunday coming off 3 east onto the 17 North spur by Wall St and Polito Way I saw a dead buck laying in the grass. So maybe 1 mile away from where you saw this coyote. I wonder if the coyote are following the deer and living off some road kill. The other interesting thing is they used to call the Raven the Wolf Bird, because it would follow wolves to partake in some of the scraps left over. There is even speculation that the wolves also followed the Ravens to find carrion, there by working as a team. I wonder if the coyotes and the Ravens have a similar bond. Any way nice find and we all need to be more careful in that area with the deer and the coyotes being seen. I would love to see a live coyote myself. I saw my first fox face to face at Mill Creek Point in the Meadowlands and my first snowy Owl last year off Disposal Road. It is a magical place.


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