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Is ‘Our’ Pelican in Delaware Now?

Natalie Gregorio, a friend of this blog, writes:

I am on an NJ Audubon trip to Delmarva.

We’re on our way back and stopped at Fowlers beach part of Prime Hook NWR, and we spotted an American White Pelican with a bunch of cormorants.

This area is pretty much right across Delaware bay from Cape May, where George the Meadowlands’ Pelican was last seen…  Could it be George?

Or an impostor? (Thanks, Natalie!)


Banded Peregrine in N. Arlington


Bird-bander Chris Takacs steered us to this young Peregrine1-IMG_0406-001 perched in Harrier Meadow.

We could see the silver federal band, but not any other band — until it decided to fly. When it took off and headed for the mud flats, Green-winged Teal took off and flew faster than we’ve ever seen them before.

We have sent in the info and let you know what we find out. (Thanks, Chris!)

Last Week’s Teaser: Hairy Woodpecker

Quite a few folks mistakenly thought last Tuesday’s Teaser was a Downy Woodpecker. The Hairy Woodpecker — the Teaser subject — is much bigger, of course, but you really can’t tell from the photographs that were included. The bill size, in this case, was the biggest tip-off, even if it did look a little small.

We’ve included a Downy pic below for comparison.

Congrats to everyone who got the I.D. right.


The Hairy is much bigger, of course.