Banded Peregrine in N. Arlington


Bird-bander Chris Takacs steered us to this young Peregrine1-IMG_0406-001 perched in Harrier Meadow.

We could see the silver federal band, but not any other band — until it decided to fly. When it took off and headed for the mud flats, Green-winged Teal took off and flew faster than we’ve ever seen them before.

We have sent in the info and let you know what we find out. (Thanks, Chris!)

3 thoughts on “Banded Peregrine in N. Arlington

  1. Jill Homcy

    That’s my peregrine from River Barge! Still waiting to hear back from Matt at the banding page. We thought originally it was 06CC but then realized it was 06BC. I had sent some additional pics and was still waiting to hear. Good to know it’s still in the area! Please let me know if Chris hears anything back.

  2. Jill Homcy

    October 7th. I thought I had sent you info but maybe I forgot. Still waiting to hear back so if you do get any info I’m definitely interested. This one is a beauty!


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