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Solitary Sandpiper in the Meadowlands

1-IMG_7681While doing a quick scan for raptors today in a restricted natural area near the Hackensack River, the NJMC’s Drew McQuade spotted this Solitary Sandpiper, rare for this time of year around here.

The bird was in shallow water, bobbing its head regularly.  A few Mallards and a coot were nearby.

(Thanks, Drew!)

More on the Latest Banded Peregrine

1-IMG_0264Remember when we posted an item about a banded young Peregrine spotted by bird-bander Chris Takacs in Harrier Meadow on November 10?

We soon learned that Jill Homcy had photographed the same Peregrine two weeks earlier at River Barge Park, and that it had been banded in New York City on June 5 of this year.

Today, we heard from Barbara Saunders of the N.Y. State DEC:

1-IMG_2332_Banding PF female chick_WIPC_BSaunders-001

The banded Peregrine was banded on wards Island on June 5 by Chris Nadareski.

[This Peregrine]  indeed is one of our NY juveniles from this year.  She was one of 2 PEFA chicks that hatched at our nest site atop the Manhattan Psychiatric Center on Wards Island.  [See map below.]

Her male sibling didn’t survive fledging, so it’s great to know she’s been successful so far. She was banded at the nest site by Chris Nadareski on June 5, 2014.

Her USFWS band is as follows:  1947-21521.  I’ve also attached a photo of her taken during banding. This is great news…!

BTW, this youngster comes from a long line of aggressive females, which means she’s got a lot of spunk!

Her mother is quite aggressive and was originally banded as a chick in June 2006 atop the Goliath Crane at Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, MA.

This youngster’s “grandmother” was also reported to be very aggressive.

1-Fullscreen capture 11252014 11634 PM

The Peregrine was banded on Wards Island in the East River on June 5 (red dot at right). It was later photographed in Harrier Meadow on Nov. 10 (“X” on left.)  Distance is roughly 12 miles.

(Thanks, Barbara!)