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Don Torino’s New Column: Morning Bird-feeding


Photo Credit: Joel Furman   

In his latest column for wildnewjersey.tv, Don Torino of Bergen County Audubon writes about the joys and benefits of watching nature at your backyard bird-feeders in the morning. Here’s a sample:

On occasion some may argue the scientific benefits of backyard bird feeding but there are no academic studies that I know that can measure the connection to nature we get from feeding our backyard birds.

There are countless people that have begun their love of nature and a life of birding from just hanging a feeder full of sunflower in a tree by the window.

The sense of wonder of seeing the first Downy Woodpecker up close and personal soon brings them to the realization that birds must be protected and their habitat preserved.

There is nothing that I know that brings that understanding and appreciation of our natural world quicker and easier to folks that otherwise would never be aware of the miracles of nature than feeding backyard birds.

The link is here.