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Valley Brook Ave. in a Commercial

Vonage filmed part of a commercial on Valley Brook Avenue near DeKorte Park a couple of months back. If you look closely, you might even recognize the roadway.

Sorry we missed the flying Piranha during filming. That would have been a life fish for us, and likely a new species for the Meadowlands — literally, not figuratively.

Misty Meadowlands


Marco Van Brabant writes: When I heard “fog” on the weather report I knew I had to visit DeKorte the next morning.

As far as birds, there was not much to be seen, but this Egret did not mind me being there. I was also happy to see the Staghorn Sumac still showing its deep reds.


Tuesday Teaser 111814


This was inadvertently posted last Tuesday for a few hours. Trying again…

Here’s a different type of teaser for you. What are those feathers protruding from the middle of this banded Peregrine Falcon’s wings called?

Yep, he’s the one we photographed eight days ago at Harrier Meadow. (See earlier post.)

Keep an Eye Out for This Eagle!

New Jersey’s Endangered and Non-game Species Program passes this along from a concerned citizen just to the west of the Meadowlands:

When I was driving north on ROUTE 21 after Botany Village exit in Clifton the other day, I was surprised and astonished to see a beautiful Bald Eagle.

I have never seen any around here before.  Today (Monday) I was driving the same route and  saw him/her perched on the same tree on the Passaic River — the same spot I’ve seen it every day since Saturday .

Now I’m thinking is it is injured and maybe can’t fly, so it just settled there and has stood there ever since. It’s hard for me to stop since it’s a narrow merging part of the highway, and I am not able to look to see if there is any nest around the area.

I take this highway two or three times every day, and it has been in the same place since Saturday morning.

If you are in the area and can pursue this, it would be appreciated. (Taking a few pix would be great, too.)

If you see anything. please can contact the Endangered Species Program at 609-628-2103.