Hackensackian Godwit? Marbled? (Still here)


Upon further review, we think the Hackensackian Godwit is a Marbled Godwit…  Any thoughts?  And it is still at DeKorte — around low tide. Out the Transco Trail toward the end along the mud.

More on Marbled Godwits here.

Ron Shields wrote:

I found this guy on the mudflat off DeKorte’s Transco Trail back near the turnpike on Wednesday afternoon.

A dowitcher???  A godwit??? Any identification would be appreciated.

We are leaning toward Hackensackian Godwit. (As we all know, if it had been a bit closer to a river to the east, we would have gone with Hudsonian Godwit.)  (Thanks, Ron!)

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