Daily Archives: December 5, 2014

Ron Shields’ Rough-leg Pix!


As promised, here are a few Ron Shields’ Light-morph Rough-leg shots.

Ron’s only comment: “If only the sun had been out!”

(Thanks, Ron!)

Rough-legged Hawk near Kingsland Landfill

IMG_8095-003Ron Shields reported a Light-morph Rough-legged Hawk over the Kingsland Landfill this afternoon.

We arrived in time to get some shots on this increasingly cloudy afternoon — will post highlights of Ron’s shots later.

Let’s hope this raptor from the north hangs around for Sunday’s walk. (Thanks, Ron!)

For more information about Sunday’s Kingsland Landfill walk, click here.

Dave Blinder’s DeKorte Report


Hadn’t been to the area much lately, I spent a lot of the fall trying to photograph the New Jersey State Parks in peak foliage.

Anyhow, attached are a couple of photos from DeKorte taken Thursday.  A nice sunset, and a Junco.

One Fox Sparrow was skulking around, and plenty of American Tree Sparrows foraging outside of the Transco Trail.

Dave’s nature photography website is here. (Thanks, Dave!)IMG_7081


What’s Being Seen at DeKorte Park

northern pintail

Thinking of visiting DeKorte Park or nearby Disposal Road this weekend?

To see what’s being reported at DeKorte on eBird Hotspot Explorer, click here. (Hint: lots of ducks.)

To see what’s being reported along Disposal Road on eBird Hotspot Explorer, click here. (We got great looks at American Kestrels, Red-tails and Northern Harriers as we drove down the road yesterday, with a glance or two at a Sharpie.