Daily Archives: December 11, 2014

The 1-E Bald Eagle

IMG_8253We have been seeing the Bald Eagle perched on the distant 1-E Landfill fairly regularly.

These photos were taken from Harrier Meadow this week, but it can be seen from DeKorte Park as well if you bring a spotting scope and scan the landfill.  Just sayin;’.DSCN0134

Will This Be a Shrike Winter?

IMG_2920-1Five years ago today (Dec. 11), a Northern Shrike was reported along Disposal Road across from the Carillon.

The bird stayed until St. Pattie’s Day, 2010.

Keep your eyes out. You never know. Sometimes lightning does shrike twice.

For a link to one of our favorite 2009 Shrike posts — featuring a shot of the shrike coughing up a pellet — click here.