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Really Tough Tuesday Teaser

IMG_20141229_144024558_HDRSometimes you see a bird and you don’t have your binoculars, but you really want to try to I.D. it anyway.

Here’s your chance.

Joseph Zevoteck writes: “Got a few pics of a raptor yesterday in Secaucus. It was sitting on a fence next to a bush. I think it had chased something into the bush and was waiting for it to come out. It was a pretty big adult. Pics aren’t so great but …”

We think we sort of know what species this raptor is. How about you? (Thanks, Joseph!)


2014 in Review: December

peregrine 3We thought we’d look back at some of blog highlights from 2014, month by month, and showcase some of the great photography that folks have contributed. (Thanks to all!)

Just click on the text to link to the post.

December 5: Ron Shields’ Rough-leg Pix

December 9: Tuesday Teaser Ultra-palooza

December 10: Festivus Pole Fully Camouflaged

December 11: World Trade Center Memorial Cove

December 15: CBC Peregrine (Photo above by Chris Takacs)

December 16: Coop Du Jour

December 19: Sunset Mike’s Sunrise & Sunset Videos

December 20: DeKorte December Godwit

December 24: Bubbleheads and more

December 29: Monk Parakeet Update

Our Next Walk Is Thursday


“Look, Ma! One foot!”

Kick off 2015 the right way with a free guided nature walk along the trails of scenic Mill Creek Marsh.

We are offering a 25-cent reward to the first person to see a Eurasian Green-winged Teal, a dollar (U.S.) to anyone who sees a Gyrfalcon, and a pat on the back to anyone who sees a No-Sho (Northern Shoveler, above).

Details follow. Continue reading

Keep Your Eyes Out for Snowy Owls

2-Buckingham snow owl 1This could be another great winter for Snowy Owls, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

For their forecast, click here. The article also explains why we had so many last year.

At one point, we had four Snowys in DeKorte Park last winter.

Heck, we’d settle for only one this winter. If you see any, please let us know.

(The photo above was taken in DeKorte Park last winter by Steve Birmingham. Thanks, Steve!)

For more Meadowlands Snowy Owl pix, just search the blog, using the search engine in the upper right corner of this blog.

Ron Shields: Sunset Pix and Upcoming Talk

IMG_0440(1)-001Resident ace photographer Ron Shields passed along some sunset shots from last night — hard to decide which of the three is more amazing.

If you are a big fan of Ron’s photography (and who isn’t?), don’t miss his talk “Birds of the Meadowlands in just over two weeks in DeKorte Park. Maybe he’ll even include a sunset or two. Details follow.

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