Sunset Mike’s Meadowlands Videos: Part Four

(Please play with sound on.)

Mike Maddaloni writes:

Someone commented that they never saw my Time Lapse footage from Winter 2013, and I pondered on that, because I produced it last year, uploaded it, but “forgot to tell people about it”?

In a way that does sound like me, but just in case, that’s a really interesting video that I’d be honored to share on the blog as well. In some ways it’s even better than my more recent posted videos because,  in my humble opinion, it was from a time I wasn’t trying all these fancy things with the time lapses and equipment, just the basic capturing of great skies and sunsets.

I think this makes the video more impactful. The viewer is just concentrating on the majesty of the sunsets around the park (and is not distracted by other things like camera motions).

Some shots are from Ringwood, but 90 percent are all DeKorte and Disposal Road.

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