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Column about Banded Peregrine Falcon


The Record and Herald News has a column today about a banded Peregrine Falcon that Chris Takacs spotted in North Arlington, and and how much information was  gleaned from a photo of just the two numerals and two letters (06 BC) on its band.

The same Peregrine — from NYC — had been seen photographed by Jill IMG_0406Homcy in  Carlstadt a few weeks earlier. This girl gets around and hangs around.

The Meadowlands seems to attract young Peregrines from all over the Middle Atlantic states every year, especially during the summer.

The link is here.

Sunset Mike’s Meadowlands Videos: Part 3

Video 3: “Fall In The Meadowlands, Sunrises, Sunsets and Great Skies Time Lapse HDR Photography (Part 2).”  (Please please with sound on.)

Mike Maddaloni writes:

This video and the one you posted yersterdayt  showcase the best nature had to offer us. I think you got quite a few stills from Ron, Roy, Chris, and others, so to compliment their awesome shots, here are the time lapse videos of those glorious skies at sunrise, sunset, and some in between when the skies were just awesome.

In all, in the fall, I had over 30 minutes of TIME LAPSE material (extrapolated that’s about 200 hours worth of time spent on location with multiple cameras going at once, of course), with a whopping 120 individual sequences, that’s an average of about 3 per day, so what you see is only the best of the best.

Background: Mike Maddaloni recently went into high gear, producing not one, or two, but three videos featuring Meadowlands sunrises and sunsets — all time-lapse compilations starting from the summer until a few weeks ago.

(Thanks, Mike!)

We’ll post a bonus video tomorrow.