Daily Archives: December 1, 2014

DeKorte Falcon with Transmitter on Leg

1-IMG_5915Jill Homcy reports:

I stopped at DeKorte briefly Sunday and took a walk all the way out on the Transco Trail checking for snowys, when this PEFA flew over, coming from the 1-IMG_5908turnpike flying toward the Environmental Center.

I thought it was carrying prey originally, but when I got home I realized it was actually fitted with transmitters of some sort. The lighting was lousy so these are the best I could do picture-wise.

Jill says she has reported the sighting to the state. We’ll keep you posted.  (Thanks, Jill!)


Our Next Walk: Sunday, Dec. 7, 10 a.m.

1-DSCN2775This is our second annual walk along the Kingsland Landfill, looking for winter raptors and waterfowl.

Those who are adventurous and want to see a panoramic view of the Meadowlands should be able to walk to the top of the landfill.

We’ll meet in the first parking lot in DeKorte (so early arrivals can check out the duckage) and then walk or drive over to the lower gate at Kinglsand.

Dress for the weather and wind. Continue reading