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Our Next Walk is Next Year! (But Soon.)


“Look, Ma! One foot!”

Kick off 2015 the right way with a free guided nature walk along the trails of scenic Mill Creek Marsh.

We are offering a 25-cent reward to the first person to see a Eurasian Green-winged Teal, a dollar (U.S.) to anyone who sees a Gyrfalcon, and a pat on the back to anyone who sees a No-Sho (Northern Shoveler, above).

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How to Search this Blog

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Trying to find something on the blog — an upcoming walk, a certain photographer’s photos, posts on Muskrats, sightings of a favorite raptor?

Don’t forget that you can search 5 years of blog posts by using the Google search engine in the upper-right part of the blog. Let the searches begin.

2014 in Review: April


We thought we’d look back at some of blog highlights from 2014, month by month, and showcase some of the great photography that folks have contributed. (Thanks to all!)

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April 1: Rare Yellow-footed Blackbird

April 1: Marsh Memories by Quincy Magoo

April 8: American Kestrel w/ Unusual Prey

April  11: Osprey w/ fish, Disposal Road

April 21: Yellow-throated Warbler  (above)

April 23: Meet the Midges!

April 24: We’re one of nj.com’s Magnificent Seven

April 30: Tree Swallows’ Snazzy New Home