Good News on Woodcocks

This month’s winter storm was incredibly harsh for American Woodcocks, but things seem to be getting better. Ron Shields sent these shots of a Woodcock on Disposal Road on Tuesday feeding on one of at least 10 earthworms. Ron writes that the plowed shoulder of the road, its southern exposure and the bright sunlight resulted in thawed conditions beneficial to ground feeding.

One thought on “Good News on Woodcocks

  1. Richard Santos

    I seen one in my yard in Kearny about a month ago,been trying to figure out what it was but couldn’t find,but when I came across this pic right away I knew it was the bird I seen,i remember the beak and the colors I’m a bird of prey guy I feed sparrows everyday in my yard when I walked into yard that day I was shocked to see it,it was out of place and I never seen anything like that and the beak just blew me away I knew it was out of place,i live on highland ave in Kearny,i know for a fact that it was an American Woodcock now,as soon as I seen this pic,if u have any questions feel free to ask me please


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