Woodcocks and Robins Need Your Help!

This week’s storm was very bad news for Woodcocks and Robins and other birds that feed on insects. The ground is like concrete and the earthworms and berries that the birds, respecitvely, feed on are very hard to come by. So how can you help? Former NJMC naturalist Don Smith recommends going to your local outdoor bird store (Wildbirds Unlimited in Paramus is a major supplier) and purchasing freeze-dried mealworms for Woodcocks, who rely almost entirely on earthworms for their diet. For Robins, it’s best to place dried blueberries and currants. Don and Gaby Bennett-Meany have been laying out food at DeKorte Park.

For Woodcocks: Do not place the worms in the open – other birds may get them first. Instead, put them under shrubs and wooded areas where they hunt.

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