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Mill Creek Walk Photos Part 1 of 2

Thanks to Joe Koscielny who sent in these fantastic photos of a variety of species taken during yesterday’s Bergen County Audubon Society Mill Creek Marsh walk. We’ll have part two later. Our next walk is Sunday, Aug. 6, at DeKorte Park at 9 a.m. Don’t miss it!

Marsh Wren

Marsh Wren

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egrets

Semi-palmated Sandpipers

A Red-winged Blackbird’s Will to Survive

Check out this amazing sequence of a Red-winged Blackbird at DeKorte on Sunday making a valiant effort to get from dangerous waters to the safety of the shoreline.

The Archer family sent in the photos along with the following message:

On Sunday, our enjoyment of the Gazebo view turned to alarm, when we spotted a poor little swallow crying out, surrounded by vast water.

The swallow furiously flapped its wings, trying to “swim” in the direction of the faraway shore.  Many times the swallow fell under the water and we feared the worst.

We breathed sighs of relief, when the swallow emerged again. Its fellow swallows swooped, urging their friend to keep going, as we hoped and prayed from the Gazebo.

Tireless and determined, this little bird made it! What spirit!  What a will to survive!

Mill Creek Nature Walk Tomorrow (July 18)!

Photo courtesy M.E. Raine

Join the Bergen County Audubon Society for a guided nature walk tomorrow (July 18) at Mill Creek Marsh in Secaucus, from 10 am to noon. They’ll be looking for herons, egrets, shorebirds and other birds of interest. Mill Creek Marsh is a great place for bird watching. Hope to see you there!

For more info email or call 201-230-4983.

Kudos to Gaby!

The NJSEA’s Gaby Bennett-Meany, seen planting milkweed donated through a Bergen County Audubon Society grant from Suez Water North Jersey, does an awesome job maintaining and improving DeKorte Park and other Meadowlands natural areas.

As Don Torino, President of BCAS, says:

I could not help seeing how amazing DeKorte Park looks .Everyone who loves the park should thank Gabrielle Bennett-Meany of the NJSEA for all her hard work , DeKorte never looked better which means our birds and butterflies are happier than ever too. If you happen to see Gaby around the park please stop and thank her for all she does.

Indeed! Thanks Gaby!

A Butterfly Invitation

Three images of wildflower fileds/patches created as pollinator areas at Richard W. DeKorte Park in the New Jersey Meadowlands.

Regina Geoghan sent in this montage of wildflowers she took at DeKorte yesterday. As Regina says: Such a happy sight – a butterfly invitation. Thanks Regina!

Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Obsession With Staying “Safe” Keeps Us From Enjoying The Outdoors

The morning TV news usually begins with a reporter displaying a very worried look on their face.  In an almost panicked state they predictably blurt out something like  “ NEXT! What you need to know to stay safe.”

We all sit glued to the TV at the edge of our seats wondering what fate has in store for us this day. Unfortunately that seems to be the headline on every news broadcast these days. Sadly, fear sells, whether it is some catastrophe a world away, a new disease of the week or a frightened and scared black bear stuck in a tree.

Fear is what pays the bills and now staying SAFE has taken on a priority above all else.  Unfortunately the extreme concept of what it means to “stay Safe” is also stopping people from enjoying and connecting with the natural world.

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