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NJSEA’s Gaby Bennett-Meany Honored By BCAS!

Left to right:
Don Torino (BCAS), George Reskakis, Gaby Bennett-Meany, Mary Kostus (BCAS)

Our own Gaby Bennett-Meany was honored at the Bergen County Audubon Society’s Dec. 20 meeting as one of their 2017 Bergen County Audubon/Harold Feinberg Conservation Award winners.

Gaby, who maintains DeKorte Park, was honored for her “tireless work in transforming DeKorte Park to an incredible pollinator and bird friendly habitat,” BCAS President Don Torino said. “Through her leadership the park projects are now more habitat and wildlife focused, bringing much help to the incredible number of wildlife species that depend on the Meadowlands for their survival,” he said.

“I was very excited to receive the Harold Feinberg Conservation Award from the Bergen County Audubon Society,” Gaby said.The NJ Meadowlands is a very special and important place to many of us. I am delighted that the BCAS and I share a vision of the kind of conservation management that is good for the wildlife and for people to enjoy.

“I am committed and will continue to provide habitat enhancements with our landscape specialists  at our parks by increasing native plant diversity,” Gaby continued. Together the BCAS, Don Torino, and the many other stewards of the Meadowlands are a positive influence contributing to projects and some of the changes we see today in our Meadowlands landscape.

“I quote Chris Takacs, BCAS Field Trip Coordinator, who said ‘When I see the people that are doing the work outside bring their families back to see and enjoy the park, or taking pictures of their projects, that is the feeling you attach with people that are proud and happy with what they are doing.’

“I couldn’t think of a better place to be working and people to be working with!” Gaby concluded. “Thanks BCAS for your confidence in my abilities – I will build upon and persist with the work we started into the future!”

Congratulations Gaby!!!

In addition, George Reskakis of Teaneck, known as the “Weed Warrior” for his work at Teaneck Creek, was honored for transforming the site into one of the most important migratory bird habitats in Bergen County. Way to go George!