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Basic Photography Lesson Needed Quick!

Hi all,

I received a phone call from a woman who lives in Lyndhurst. Her son just gave her an Olympus OM-D E-5 camera and several lenses. She does not know anything about photography and is looknig for someone that can give her a basic introductory one-hour lesson on how to use the camera. She is just looking for the basics so that she can use the camera for a family event on Feb. 3. She is willing to pay for the lesson.She is not looking to go to a store and cannot travel very far.

If anyone would be willing to help out please email me at baberback@njsea.com


Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Watch for the Rusty Blackbirds!

Courtesy Jim Macaluso

Many years ago, when I first joined the Bergen County Audubon Society as the education director, I was very proud to be asked to help put together our “Birding for Beginners” class over at Teaneck Creek Conservancy.

I was fortunate enough to be, along with Harold Feinberg, our almost legendary field trip director of years past. Not long into the walk a flock of seemingly nondescript Blackbirds flew in. Just as our beginner birders were ready to pay no mind to them and walk past the birds that by now were walking along the stream banks, Harold called everyone together.

“Take a good look,” Harold said. “You may not be seeing these birds for much longer.” Harold was right of course. Our Rusty Blackbird is disappearing and their numbers still continue to drop till this day.

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