Daily Archives: January 4, 2018

Don Torino’s Life In The Meadowlands: A Pair of Eagles Brings Us Hope For The Year Ahead

Thanks to Lisa K NJ for Photo of Our Favorite Eagle Pair!

On a cold, windy winter morning on the banks of Overpeck creek I watched as our now famous pair of Bald Eagles worked diligently to get their nest ready to bring forth the next generation of our most magnificent of all raptors.

In those few moments that I witnessed them moving sticks back and forth in an almost fixated fashion I felt a glimmer of hope for the year ahead. As the wind blew and the cold attached itself to my fingers and toes my faith was renewed for the coming year, that not only would these most incredible and spiritual of birds be well, but also that maybe, just maybe, our birds, butterflies and all of our environment would not only survive but also thrive in the days ahead.

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