Don Torino’s Life In The Meadowlands: A Pair of Eagles Brings Us Hope For The Year Ahead

Thanks to Lisa K NJ for Photo of Our Favorite Eagle Pair!

On a cold, windy winter morning on the banks of Overpeck creek I watched as our now famous pair of Bald Eagles worked diligently to get their nest ready to bring forth the next generation of our most magnificent of all raptors.

In those few moments that I witnessed them moving sticks back and forth in an almost fixated fashion I felt a glimmer of hope for the year ahead. As the wind blew and the cold attached itself to my fingers and toes my faith was renewed for the coming year, that not only would these most incredible and spiritual of birds be well, but also that maybe, just maybe, our birds, butterflies and all of our environment would not only survive but also thrive in the days ahead.

After all, in our wildest dreams, in our craziest hopes and imagination, we could have never believed that the Bald Eagle could come back from the brink of extinction, not only to our entire  country but as unbelievable as it once seemed to our tiny, urbanized, overpopulated and industrialized part of our very own neighborhood.  And by doing so these wonderful birds brought all of us hope for not only the future of the Eagle but also for our own humanity.

If we could save the Bald Eagle, I thought, we are sure to be able to save the Monarch Butterfly, protect the Wood Thrush and the Piping Plover. There is nothing we can’t do when good people join together to do what’s right as they did more than 40 years ago to save what was thought to be a dying species.

As the Eagle pair rested and braved the frigid winds from the protection of their giant nest I had the faith that if we were responsible for helping these birds return to their ancestral homes then there would be no reason why we could not save more trees and streams, protect our meadows and preserve more of our quickly disappearing wildlife habitats.

Growing up it was only a dream to able to see Bald Eagles. My generation, my father’s and the generation before him never had eagles to cherish and protect the way we can now.

I may be naïve and my better judgment just taken over for a moment of optimism by a pair of Eagles, but then again, many scientists believed that no matter what we did we could not ever bring back the Bald Eagle.

So I have to believe by watching our eagle pair that anything is possible, from conquering climate change to getting kids outdoors. From saving our national parks to getting everyone to better understand the wonders of nature we are lucky to have right outside our door.

There is nothing we can’t accomplish when good people from every walk of life join together to do what is right and protect our earth for future generations to come. I know because a pair of eagles told us we can.

6 thoughts on “Don Torino’s Life In The Meadowlands: A Pair of Eagles Brings Us Hope For The Year Ahead

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  2. Chief Vincent Mann

    Xwat anushiik (big thanks in munsee), long before the ships that arri bed at the shores of what would become America there was a balance that existed between us humans and our natural environment… as those ships arrived they brought other humans carrying with them a precious cargo… and that nii njoos was hope… The Great Eagle not only is our guide and the one who watches over us and lifts our prayers to the Creator, they too bring something to our near my shaped shores….

    And that is also hope, hope for a better tomorrow, hope for understanding, hope that our legacy will not be one of selfishssness, greed, racism and hate, hope for a future for our children and their children…..

    For it is known to be true that our mother earth does not need us for her to survive, it is us that needs her and all that dwell upon her skin to find that balance that once dwelled here, so that we can survive….

    I am truly blessed by your life’s work, and your commitment to such a worthy cause…… and that is the survival of all creation..

    Many blessings,

    Chief Mann
    Turtle Clan Chief
    Ramapough Lunaape Nation

  3. Lisa Rosenfeld

    Beautifully written Don. Yes, Eagles bring us hope. I too grew up during the era of Eagles being extinct- I am still filled with wonder and awe whenever I see one, right here where I live. Thank you for your never ending work.

  4. Chuck Carella

    Thank you for the inspiring words, and the update as to our famous Meadowlands bald eagles. I was able to visit the viewing site in Ridgefield Park several times last winter-spring, and was privileged to have seen at times as many as 15 or so mature and young bald eagles resting or frolicking in the trees and soaring above the water. Just a beautiful sight to behold. I watched as one plucked a fish from Overpeck Creek!! I am 60 years old, have lived in the north Jersey area all my life, and never dreamed I would be able view a bald eagle living in its natural environment.
    Thank you for all you do!


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