IMG_8532-1      The landfills around DeKorte Park are brimming with raptors these days.   

    Today we saw  Rough-legged Hawks, male and female Northern Harriers, American Kestrels and Red-tailed Hawks in Lyndhurst and North Arlington.

    Yesterday. birder Michael Britt reported seeing 6 Rough-legged Hawks (4 light, 2 dark) 3 Bald Eagles (2 adults, 1 Imm.) 3 Short-eared Owls, 3 Kestrels, several Northern Harriers including 2 gray ghosts), many Red-tails and 2 Great Cormorants 

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     Mike's Notes: I had three light and one dark Rough-leg at Mill Creek Point…one light bird perched right across from the boat launch…later working the Secaucus High School Marsh…the other two lights and the dark were across the river working the Carlstadt Mitigation Site by the Williams tanks.  Another light morph worked Oritani Marsh and Valley Brook. Meanwhile, another dark worked Saw Mill Creek and the DeKorte impoundments.  Two adult Bald Eagles by Merhof Pond and an Immature bird by DeKorte.  The light Rough-leg flushed the three Short-eared Owls off the ground down Valley Brook…two quickly dove for cover again…the other had to fly high because it got chased by crows.  The two Great Cormorants were on pilings at Mill Creek Point…where there were lots of waterfowl…including lots of Ruddy Duck.

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