Peregrine update


   We are still seeing the pair of Peregrine Falcons on the Route 3 Bridges over the Hackensack River — to the point where they are a staple on our eco-cruises.

  We have not seen the young one recently but we suspect he is not too far.

One thought on “Peregrine update

  1. Nick

    I found this story about a peregrine falcon in today’s NY Post:
    NY Man Saves Falcon from Pigeons
    NEW YORK — Adult peregrine (PEHR’ih-grihn) falcons are fearless predators at the top of their food-chain.
    But when a Brooklyn man witnessed a gang of pigeons chasing and pecking at a peregrine falcon chick on Monday, he rushed in and rescued the baby predator.
    Morgan Pitts says the falcon was either abandoned by its mother or fell from its nest in his Greenpoint, Brooklyn, neighborhood.
    The frightened chick is now in the care of veterinarians at The Animal Medical Center in Manhattan.
    The peregrine became endangered due to the use of pesticides like DDT. When DDT was banned in the 1970s, peregrine populations recovered.
    Today, there are nearly 3,000 breeding pairs of peregrine falcons in North America.


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