Anderson Creek Marsh, Secaucus

IMG_1525-1   We visited Anderson Creek Marsh recently and found some exceptional birding.IMG_1438

   We saw hundreds of peeps, a few Caspian Terns, several Yellow-crowned night herons, plus Snowy and Great Egrets and yellowlegs.

  We also saw a Northern Harrier have a run-in with several terns — all in all, a good day to be on the marsh.

   The marsh is located on the Hackensack River just south of Harmon Cove in Secaucus.

   For more information on Anderson Creek Marsh, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Anderson Creek Marsh, Secaucus

  1. Ray Duffy

    Are you sure those are royal terns? From those pictures, they seem to be lacking the shaggy feathers on the back of their head. They might be Caspians. Is Anderson Creek accessable any way other than viewing from the river?

  2. Bryan

    I’m the editor of the new newspaper Secaucus Progress — a free weekly newspaper that will be distributed to homes in Secaucus starting next week.
    We were wondering if we could have permission to print some of your credited photos in our newspaper.
    Please contact me at
    Thank you.


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