The Most Recent Shrike Sighting (late Saturday)

     Stephen Buckingham reports:

    "I had planned to look for the shrike this morning, but had no free time until after 3 p.m. Saturday, when it was getting darker, windier and snowier by the minute.

   "Nevertheless I drove down to DeKorte from Montclair in a hurry, figuring this could be my last chance to see the bird. When I arrived and parked in front of the Amvet Carillon, it was 23 degrees with the wind seeming to blow snow into my face no matter which direction I was looking.

   "It took me all of five minutes walking up and down the road though, before I heard the crazy bird singing as if it were spring.  Had I not heard it, there was no way I would have spotted it in the dim light and snow. "

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   Please e-mail Jim Wright here if you see the Disposal Road shrike.

     "The amazing bird continued to sing steadily for about 10-15 minutes, which allowed me the time to spot him, sitting low in a tree across the pond, about three feet from the ground, directly across from the gate to the Sawmill Creek trail.

    "I watched him for a good 5-10 minutes before my hands got so cold that I had to go back to my car to warm them. When I went back ten minutes later to try to watch him some more, he was gone, and I heard no more singing.

   "By that point the snow was falling more heavily, and it was getting dark.  Time to head home.   It was a real treat to see this bird."

  (Thanks, Stephen!)

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