Christmas Bird Count (Our List)


    The Lower Hudson Bird Count went off yesterday despite the snow. I was with NJMC Naturalist Mike Newhouse, the BCAS' Don Torino, and birder/photographer Kevin Watson.

   We looked for the shrike and visited Harrier Meadow, two balers, two landfills, a Hackensack River marina and a Hackensack River marsh.

   Highlights included a Barn Owl, lots of Snow Buntings, a Meadowlark, a Rough-legged Hawk, and a lot of Horned Larks.

  No, we did not get the Northern Shrike yesterday, but it was not for a lack of trying.

   Click Continue reading for more pics (including a Cooper's Hawk and Dark-eyed Junco) and the full list.

American Black Duck-16

American Coot-11

American Crow-6

American Goldfinch-14

American Kestrel-1                                  IMG_3762

American Robin-5

American Tree Sparrow-51

Barn Owl-1

Belted Kingfisher-2


Canada Goose-440

Cedar Waxwing-5

Common Grackle-109

Common Merganser-9

Cooper’s Hawk-3

Dark-eyed Junco-12

D.C. Cormorant-5

Downy Woodpecker-2

Eastern Meadowlark-1

E. Starling-24                            IMG_3749

Fox Sparrow-1


Great Black-Back Gull-6

Great Blue Heron-3

Green-winged Teal-8

Herring Gull-17

Horned Lark-37

House Sparrow-9


Mourning Dove-22

Mute Swan-6

Northern Cardinal-1

Northern Flicker-5

Northern Harrier-6

Northern Mockingbird-7

Northern Pintail-3

Northern Shoveler-12

Red-tailed Hawk-10

Red-winged Blackbird-684

Ring-billed Gull-494

Rock Pigeon-45

Rough-legged Hawk-1

Ruby-crowned Kinglet-2

Ruddy Duck-9

Savannah Sparrow-2

Sharp-shinned Hawk-1

Snow Bunting-110

Song Sparrow-86

White-crowned Sparrow-2

White-throated Sparrow-39


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