White-crowned Sparrows — Easy to Find at DeKorte


    Nest time you visit DeKorte Park, you can get great looks at White-crowned Sparrows before you even get to the guardhouse.

   Pull onto the shoulder on the right just before the guardhouse, and then watch (or photograph) from you car. These great winter birds are often hanging out by the bushes to the right or across the roadway feeding on the ground. (Thanks, Chris!)

   More on White-crowned Sparrows here.

One thought on “White-crowned Sparrows — Easy to Find at DeKorte

  1. Jon Goodnough

    Thanks for the tip! As a beginning birder I’ve been trying to add this bird to my life list for a couple of years now. Saw an immature white crown last fall, but never an adult–until yesterday, Feb 15, following your instructions. An adult white crown in the company of white throats was in the evergreen bush on the west side of the DeKorte driveway closest to the railroad tracks.
    Jon Goodnough
    Jersey City


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