Bird Report 030510: Kearny Marsh, Disposal Road

    A quartet of birders found one of the Common Moorhens at the Kearny early this afternoon. They saw the bird to the left as they looked out at the marsh from the Gunnell Oval.
   Best to bring a spotting scope if you go. Also there: Northern Shovelers, a couple of American Coots and a well-hidden Great Blue Heron.
    No reported sightings of the Disposal Road Northern Shrike, if anyone is still keeping score, but did have an Am. Kestrel and a few Redtails and Northern Harriers (including a Great Ghost) along this birders' highway.
   And, oh, we did see this Turkey Vulture on Valley Brook near the Solgar facility. He was looking longingly at a former rabbit lying in the road.

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