First Tuesday Noon Walk, Marsh Discovery Trail

We had a small group for our inaugural weekday noon Marsh Discovery IMG_7159 Trail walk, but small groups often mean good birding.
   We had lots of good shorebirds (including Dunlins) and scads of peeps — plus Ruddies and a Bufflehead.
   Also some really nice views of perched Barn Swallows.   Later went out to Harrier Meadow and got nice looks at the Little Blue, two Northern Shovelers and a (distant) Blue-winged Teal.
   We'll try agian on Thursday.
   Semi-complete list follows.

Location:     Richard W. Dekorte Park
Observation date:     5/11/10
Notes:     Also stopped at Harrier Meadow for Teal, Little Blue Heron. Harrier Meadow is usually closed to the public and trespassing is prohibited.
Number of species:     41

Canada Goose    
Mute Swan    
Blue-winged Teal   
Northern Shoveler   
Green-winged Teal   
Ruddy Duck  
Double-crested Cormorant  
Great Egret   
Snowy Egret   
Little Blue Heron   
Black-crowned Night-Heron   
Turkey Vulture   
Red-tailed Hawk   
Greater Yellowlegs   
Lesser Yellowlegs    
Semipalmated Sandpiper    
Least Sandpiper    
Herring Gull    
Forster's Tern    
Mourning Dove    
Red-bellied Woodpecker    
American Crow    
Tree Swallow   
Cliff Swallow    
Barn Swallow    
Marsh Wren    
American Robin    
Gray Catbird    
European Starling    
Cedar Waxwing    
Yellow-rumped Warbler    
White-crowned Sparrow    
Red-winged Blackbird    
Common Grackle    
American Goldfinch    
House Sparrow    

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