Found Pet Bird at DeKorte?


    Chris Takacs reports seeing this mystery bird at DeKorte Park at 2 p.m. today. It has a red band on its right leg, and we are thinking it is a released/escaped pet. 
    It was seen in the visitors' parking spaces by the admin building. Can anybody help ID it? Or claim it? It is still "on the loose."

6 thoughts on “Found Pet Bird at DeKorte?

  1. 911 Parrot Alert

    I am a volunteer with 911 Parrot Alert, an international group dedicated to reuniting lost companion birds with their people. Your ‘FOUND’ ad has been cross-posted to our 911 Parrot Alert lost and found bird database. We have over 70,000 listings for lost and found birds, organized by location, type and date. This is a free service provided by volunteers with a passion for parrots.
    As you probably already know, a bird can fly up to 50 miles a day and/or be transported by car. We just found a Cockatiel that was more then 50 miles from home that was lost for 2 months, a Quaker parrot lost for 7 months 40 miles from home, an African Grey lost for 8 months found 2000 miles from home (transported by car). Don’t be shocked. You may be contacted by people that are not in your town. If it is their bird they will have a picture or some type of identification to prove it.
    Please also remember it can take a minimum of 3 days for a “lost” ad to appear in local newspapers. The owner is most likely looking for their bird, but you haven’t seen the ad yet.
    If you do not have bird experience, or cannot keep this bird until the owner is located, please let me know. A 911 Parrot Alert volunteer will house the bird in a foster home in the area with one of our volunteers while looking for the owner. We are dedicated to reuniting these birds with their owners.
    If you are not able to identify the type use this link for reference .
    For anyone trying to reunite a pigeon, here is the link:
    Warning, you most likely will receive several calls from people saying ‘I’ll take the bird if you can’t find the owner’. If you decide to foster the bird yourself, please give it a few months before you let someone adopt it. We just reunited an African grey with its owner that was looking for him for 7 months. People go on vacation or go in the hospital and the birds caretakers accidentally let them out. The owners return and are devastated to find their bird gone. They are even more devastated to find that their bird has been given away without the chance of them to find them.
    Also, please note, Birds require very special diets. They can be killed by many simple household items, such as Teflon, aerosols, ceiling fans, just to name a few. If you do decide to foster the bird we can give recommendations to help you.
    Remember, it is not “Just a Bird”, it is a feathered kid….. The owners’ feelings of guilt and helplessness are common. Depression is not uncommon. Many people spend years trying to find them. Please bear in mind it can take weeks or months to locate the owner.
    Please complete the Found Bird form at the bottom of this email and return it to me or use the form at the web site..
    With this information we can help watch for ‘lost bird’ ads that come into your area.
    Our site includes a list of resources, where you can search for matching “lost” birds in your area, or post a “found” ad for your bird. Also included is a list of tips for agencies to contact.
    Please feel free to visit our site & sign up for the ‘yahoo group’ to search our database for possible ‘lost’ matches. Lost and found birds are added day and night. Members receive email notifications several times a day of all birds lost & found each day. Make sure to choose “daily digest” when you sign up. This is a free service.
    Thank you so much for caring enough to try to find this missing bird’s parents!
    Please fill this out and return. When you receive this hit ‘Reply’, complete form then ‘Send’.
    Date Found:
    Location Found (streets):
    Zip Code Found:
    Checked for Microchip with Vet?
    Common Saying:
    Distinguishing Characteristics:
    Medical Issues Observed:
    Finder Name:
    Finder Phone:
    Finder Email:
    Note: You may attach a picture to the email.

  2. JR

    I have been notified of a lost add seen on 911parrotalert……….dated from a few yrs back. BUT, it fits the bird I have in my possession, acquired last Dec. This bird knows her proper owner, and I would love to reunite them, but I can not find the add!!!!!! The site will not allow me to search it! Can anyone help? The add, I have been told is from 2009. An African grey named Ozzy, from Lombard Il. (I have been given an add # of 54874) Not sure if that helps. Any input as to how to locate these folks would be awesome.
    Thanks JR

    1. Donna Powell

      Hi I am Donna, owner of 911 Parrot Alert. I just came upon this ad today …..I would be happy to help you..despite it has been a few years..
      We are noted for getting birds back ..One was 400 miles away and 4 years later,..

      Please contact me.

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