Disposal Road Report: 011811 Rough-leg

Mike Girone reports: 
I arrived in the Carillon area Monday around 2:45 p.m. and was greeted by a light-morph Rough-leg sitting atop a tree on the landfill. It flew over the retention pond and disappeared over the top of the Erie landfill in Harrier Meadow. Presumably the same bird returned around 4:50 p.m. heading back to the larger landfill behind the retention pond.
Full report follows.

The usual cast of characters filled out the afternoon.

Adult male American Kestrel spotted on a powerline over the Saw Mill Creek trail. He hunted the Carillon + landfill area throughout the afternoon.
At least 3 Northern Harriers were patrolling the area.
An adult Red-shouldered Hawk was seen several times, as well as an adult Sharp-shinned Hawk. The Sharp-shin eventually caught an unidentified sparrow on the side of the landfill late in the day, and flew with it down Transco Trail.
An adult female Northern Harrier began chasing the Sharp-shin down the trail, and tried to flush it from one of the trees. The harrier broke off pursuit after a few minutes and continued west on Disposal Rd., and the Sharp-shin continued down Transco Trail.
Fairly typical day "at the office!"    (Thanks, Mike!)

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