Tuesday Teaser 012511

Can you help us ID this goose? it was seen yesterday afternoon at Mill Creek Marsh, by the second bridge you cross going counter-clockwise.

We are thinking Snow Goose. How about you?


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser 012511

  1. Michael DeCorte

    I have reservations with calling this a snow goose:
    – The beak doesn’t have the grin patch that I normally associate with snow geese. The beak seems to be more shaped like a Canada
    – Snow geese have gray or pink feet. This goose has orange feet.
    How about a hybrid with a domestic goose? Scroll down in the below link for some photos of hybrids.

  2. David Rankin

    I’m not great with hybirds, but I can say that this bird is definitely not a pure Canada Goose, but is likely the result of a cross between a Canada Goose and a Domestic Greylag Goose or some other domestic goose of questionable ancestry. The orange legs are a good indication of the domestic goose ancestry, as snow geese won’t show these.


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