Marco Lips’ Weekend Report W/Photos

Marco Lips had an amazing weekend at DeKorte. He reports:

Saturday must have been my most productive an exciting birding day in my very short birding career…

Started at the Carillon Saturday morning at around ten, saw Northern Harriers, but also the Rough-legged, and Grey Ghost do a fly-by, and from here about a mile away on a mast a Peregrine all the way on top of the mast, through a scope from a friendly fellow Audubon birder Frank. It is always nice to meet nice people in the park with scopes. 🙂

_MVB5206-ssRight above the fence of the retention pool a Brown Creeper put on a show.

 In the little patch of "dried pods" alongside the road there (in the turn) Song Sparrows, White-Throated Sparrows and a Tree Sparrow were shaking the pods successfully loosening seeds, such smart birds.

Midway Disposal Road we saw a Harrier scare a Pheasant (left) close to the top of the hill.

More text and pics follow. (Thanks, Marco!)

_MVB5319-01 Eventually, way out on the Mudflats, there were the TWO Bald Eagles (link to photo and post is here) — that was great, but there are a great amount of ducks there as well in that far corner: Mallards, _MVB5165-s
Blacks, Pintails (above), Green-winged Teal, Canvasback, Bufflehead, Red-breasted and Hooded Mergansers, Ruddies and I probably forgot one or two.

We also found a Harrier having lunch on the ice (top of post, an occasional gull made a weak attempt once in a while to come close to it, but not closer than four – five feet.

A fantastic day, now where else can you find all this, within such a small area??

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