3 thoughts on “Winter Sunset along Valley Brook Avenue, Lyndhurst

  1. Fred

    Nice sunset picture. Was that taken while leavinbg wildlife center and going out on valleybrook ave small creek on the left? In any case very nice colorful picture, I am hoping to attend sundays and other trail walks even if I walk 1/2 mile or so, I am thinking along with my binoculars to use a hiking staff/pole. could use some excerize and hope to see some varity of ducks and preditor birds, Would love to see Bald Eagle, In fact was down to Wild life center monday and just before the railroad tracks on way in on left side off the road tree was a large Bird Big , I pulled over and looked with my 10×50 Binocular’s the bird had large talonclaws and yellow hook beak and yellow eye, dark brown feathers, and when took off flying away from road towards Berrys creek. He had the finger tip end feathers on ends of wings, Wish I knew what type of predator bird this was.
    In any case I hope to join everyone on the bird walk hikes . What times ares are Schedule hikes Sunday and if any other days ? Also would like a guess as to what the Preadtor bird mite have been


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