Bird Update 031811: Horned Grebe Plus

Copy of IMG_2137
We saw the Horned Grebe again today (as of 1:20 p.m.) in DeKorte's Teal Pool — best viewed from the end of the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve peninsula at the moment, but it tends to gravitate toward the far shore as the tide goes out… We are guessing low tide will be around 6 or so. We have had some strong wind gusts, so be prepared.

Also present: Ruddies, No. Pintails, Canvasbacks, Bufflehead, Green-winged Teal, No. Shovelers and Black Duck and either a Ring-necked or a scaup, far out.

Also heard a report of a flock of Am. Wigeon at Mill Creek Marsh.

Photo above from Ron shields is from yesterday afternoon, with a Ruddy keeping the Grebe company. You can get an idea how small this bird is. Breeding plumage appears to be coming in. (Thanks, Ron!)

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