Horned Grebe at DeKorte: Free Walk Tomorrow

IMG_6094Chris Takacs spotted a Horned Grebe in the southwestern corner of Teal Pool — can be seen with a spotting scope from the Lyndhurst Nature IMG_6097 Reserve part of DeKorte. (Thanks, Chris!)

Note: The trail is closed just past the reserve because of bad footing and flooding. We'll keep track of the bird and let you know if it is seen in a more-accessible place.

The Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon Society are sponsoring a DeKorte walk tomorrow at 10 a.m. at DeKorte, and we will look for it then as well.

Let's hope it sticks around.

More on Horned Grebes here.

Scroll down for info on the walk.

One thought on “Horned Grebe at DeKorte: Free Walk Tomorrow

  1. julie

    Went out this afternoon looking for the Horned Grebe. Two birds present – one more breeding plumage, and one more transitional. Both birds were seen intermittently from about 4:30 til about 5:15. One in the Teal Pool as described above, and one over the mudflats across from it. Got some great looks (and some squinty looks…)
    Thanks for the heads-up!


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