DeKorte Rescue: Part One (Before the Storm)

Paula Dias writes:

"During my walk thru Dekorte Park on Thursday, I stumbled upon two pair of baby (snapping?) turtles.

At first they just looked like mud clumps, but then saw they were turtles! They were on the path, facing away from the water, headed for the road!

We picked them up and put them closer to the water, out of tire-tread harm. (Thanks, Paula! The baby snapping turtles thank you, too.)

Two more pix follow.

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One thought on “DeKorte Rescue: Part One (Before the Storm)

  1. Paula

    Tom Bob fr NY noticed it wasnt mud, but turtles- thankfully he has a sharp eye! They blended in so well with the earth and pavement. The second pair were further down the path, going the wrong way! Probably the only size I would ever pick up a snapper by hand! They were very cute.


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